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All in the month of JULY


It was:


100 years ago, on 1st July 1921 that the Chinese Communist Party was founded.

Also 100 years ago, on 10th July 1921 that Belfast’s Bloody Sunday took place.  Protestant loyalists attacked Catholic enclaves and set fire to homes and businesses, sparking rioting and gun battles. At least 17 people were killed and more than 70 injured. 2,000 people were left homeless.


Also 100 years ago, on 30th July 1921 that the hormone insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting and Charles Best at the University of Toronto.

80 years ago, on 19th July 1941 that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill launched his ‘V for Victory’ campaign.


75 years ago, on 22nd July 1946 that the King David Hotel bombing took place in Jerusalem. The Irgun (a militant right-wing Zionist group) bombed the hotel which housed the British administrative headquarters for Palestine. 91 people were killed.


60 years ago, on 1st July 1961 that Diana, Princess of Wales, was born. (Killed in a car crash in 1997)


Also 60 years ago, on 2nd July 1961, that Ernest Hemingway, American novelist and short story writer, died. Winner of the 1954 Nobel Prize in Literature. Best known for For Whom the Bell Tolls, A Farewell to Arms, and The Old Man and the Sea.  (Suicide)


40 years ago, on 4th July 1981, that the Toxteth riots broke out in Liverpool.


Also 40 years ago, on 17th July 1981 that the Humber Bridge, linking Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, was officially opened. It was the world’s longest single-span suspension bridge at that time.


Also 40 years ago, on 29th July 1981 that the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer took place at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.


25 years ago, on 5th July 1996 that the first cloned mammal was born. Dolly the sheep was born at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh. (Died 2003)


15 years ago, on 15th July 2006 that Twitter, the micro-blogging social network, was launched.


10 years ago, on 23rd July 2011 that Amy Winehouse, British soul/R&B/jazz singer and songwriter died. (Alcohol poisoning, aged 27)