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Prayer for the new day
Dear Father,
In this strangest of summers, with its traffic-light travel restrictions and on-going concerns about Covid 19, help us to remember that You never change. Your light is constant. Your love continues. Your presence is assured, whether we stay at home, or travel within the UK, or further afield. There are no restrictions on Your Holy Spirit.
 Thank You, Lord, for the gift of each new day, wherever we may be. Thank You that by Your grace, we share all our days with You, secure in all circumstances, when we put our trust in Your precious son, Jesus Christ. In His name we pray. Amen.
 By Daphne Kitching

The Slide
As I watch
She climbs the steps steadily,
Holding the handrail,
Her two-year-old feet following each other
Rhymically, unhesitatingly
To the platform at the top
Where she sits down
And freezes.
Holding tight to the sides,
Knees up, feet flat
She judders down a little way
Then looks up.
Her eyes meet my smile, my outstretched arms –
And she takes her hands off the edge of the slide,
Shooting forward with a squeal of delight,
Trusting the love she knows.
Lord, I have climbed so steadily,
I have come so far, in my own strength,
Holding on, holding back,
Sometimes freezing.
But I am Your child,
Today I will lift my eyes
And meet Your smile, Your outstretched arms,
I will lift my juddering feet –
And take my hands off the edge of the slide
Released to ride, by Your Spirit,
Into the freedom of Your will,
Trusting the Love I know.
By Daphne Kitching