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Exploring the good news of God's love with our community


We are a friendly church in the hub of our community. 

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Exploring the Good News of 

God's Love with our Community 

Secretary’s Chat Feb/March 2024

 As you are probably all aware now our minister Rev Ruth has now moved on in her journey and we wish her and her daughter Megan, all the very best in their new pastorate.  Ruth has been with us now for seven years and we have learnt a lot from her and she from us.

What happens now?

Life goes on, the church goes on. WE, that’s you and me, we are the church and will continue to be so. We have been in this exact position before, been there, done that, got the Tee shirt.                           

We have been going through Being Church. The Past, Present and Future of the church. The Past is where we learn how to do things better and not continue to make the same mistakes.

We have had a very colourful past!

The Present, here and now, is where we try and put into practice what we have learnt.

 On Saturday we discussed our Vision for the future. The future, without Rev. Ruth, but I am so glad to report we all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Thanks to the wonderful leadership of Rev. Murray George, who came along to help with the discussion.

We know our future is bright not exactly orange (do you remember that ad) but certainly not black.

 We will work together in this and with your help we can reach into our community and show that we in Vicars Cross Church are alive and kicking and we are going forward into the Future. What that will be, we will find out. You too can be part of our future so as my old teacher used to say,” Chin up shoulders back, quick march”.

We are running into the future in faith and certain knowledge that the Lord our God has a plan. This plan includes you! 

Our notice board says.


With your help and with God’s blessing we will continue to do this.