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On an early June morning, I was walking along the canal near Waitrose, when I saw a bird spotter standing next to a telescope pointing at the Lead Shot Tower. When asked he told me that he was watching the pair of peregrine falcons nesting there and that this year they were rearing two chicks.


He kindly adjusted the legs on the tripod so someone 5 foot tall rather than 6 foot could see what he was looking at. It was a fiddle and took a couple of attempts to get it right, but finally I could see through the eye piece. For me it was a real delight. For the first time I saw in detail the beautiful plumage of the elegant male falcon, that previously had just been a distant outline against the sky.


As I walked away having thanked the gentleman for his trouble, I was full of joy and wonder at God’s creation and the knowledge that like the falcon I too am part of God’s handiwork.

Sadly, for many people knowing about God’s love has never come into their sight. Sadly, many people have just a shadowy outline of Jesus’ life. They have never been in the situation where someone has adjusted the lens so they can see more clearly.


The kindness of the birdwatcher left me thinking -

 As followers of Jesus are we doing enough to stimulate curiosity in God and Jesus across all age groups?


In our Church fellowships are we prepared to adapt what we do, so more people get a glimpse of God’s love for them?

                                                                                Elizabeth Bentley


Toddler Group every Wednesday during term time 1:30 until 3babies & toddlers bring your adult. All welcome. Refreshments available.